Small Business Banking Only

Modulbank is the only bank in Russia specializing in small business banking. We are the first to launch helpful products for small business, like free accounting service, setting up and managing operating accounts on mobile, paying wages to any bank cards.
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Banking for Any Size Business

Our customers are entrepreneurs just starting their business as well as companies with dozens of employees. We create products for everyone who can be called a «small business» and have features for all of them.

Sole Proprietors

  • Plan without a subscription fee
  • Free accounting service
  • Bank card for purchases and cash withdrawal
  • Plans with additional income for account balance

Companies with Employees

  • Accountant, laywer and personal assistant
  • Deposits with annual interest at 9%
  • Paying wages to any bank cards
  • Foreign exchange control in two hours without fines

Retail Stores

  • POS, mPOS and systems for accepting cards online
  • Cash desk on a tablet
  • Overdraft services
  • Accounting services for working according to cash discipline

The Best Fees

According to Markswebb’s Rank & Report marketing research, Modulbank has leading scores on the Business Banking Fees Monitoring 2016 Q4 report:

• Number One on by best fees among banks providing services for entrepreneurs;
• Number Two among banks providing services for B2B companies;
• Number Three among banks providing services for retail stores.

We can have the best fees as we keep our expenses as low as possible and use modern technologies.

Mobile First Banking

We do not have expensive branches in Russia regions, we do not pay the rent and do not buy furniture for them. We provide services to our customers at lower expenses, and we deduct this difference from the fees we take.


We use technologies to work efficiently and without errors. They look for mistakes in transfers, check companies for compliance when setting up operating accounts and fill out the forms. Using computers allows us to avoid hiring thousands of people to do these jobs.

Partner ATMs

We do not have our own ATMs and use our partners' ATMs instead. This helps to reduce the expenses and our customers can withdraw cash from any ATM in Russia without additional fees.

Fees for Bank


0RUB per month

Transaction fees: from 90 RUB per transaction

1.5% cash withdrawal fee for amounts under 100 000 RUB per month

Transfers to third parties up to 1 000 000 RUB


690RUB per month

Transaction fees: 19 RUB per transaction

0% cash withdrawal fee for amounts under 50 000 RUB per month

Transfers to third parties up to 10 000 000 RUB


4900RUB per month

Transaction fees: 0 RUB for all transactions

0% cash withdrawal fee for amounts under 100 000 RUB per month

No limits for transfers to third parties

Banking for Business

We specialize in small business banking, so we have all the features that companies need.

Online Accounting

Modulbank accounting assistant takes care of your company’s accounts. This assistant calculates taxes and fares as well as wages and payouts for employees, prepares payment orders and papers for annual accounting, etc. It is the same as having an accountant on the staff, but it costs less.

Modulbank accounting assistant works without vacations and sick leaves and is always available during working hours.

Online POS Solutions

Modulbank has a simple POS solution for retailers that is called ModulKassa. This solution is simple to work with, it operates in compliance with the regulations about using cash desks and controls the sales.
The store owner can request a report at any moment and the POS solution will send them the information about how much money was received and how many items were sold. So, the store owner can see what products sell best and when and adjust purchasing new merchandise accordingly.
The pay desk is simple to work with and requires no fine tuning. So, you do not have to additionally train the salespeople, they can start selling right away using the new desk.

Mobile Banking

Modulbank Business app lets you operate your business activities on the go. There you can transfer the funds to your partners, sign ready payment orders, get help from the bank support team, find the nearest ATM, monitor your expenses and income and download the banking statements. You can login to the app by Touch ID and sign payment orders using codes from secure push notifications.

The app works wherever there is any internet connection, so you can control your business accounts even if you are out of office on vacation.

65 000 Customers

Modulbank has been working since 2014. During these three years we have gained 100 000 customers and this number grows by  seven-eight thousand every year. We were able to achieve this result as we have a quality product and attentive customer service.